"Central Park Real Estate" d.o.o. za nekretnine Sarajevo je osnovan 2006. godine pod nazivom BBI Real Estate d.o.o. za nekretnine Sarajevo. Promjenom vlasničkog kapitala 2023. godine dolazi i do promjene naziva firme u "Central Park Real Estate" d.o.o. za nekretnine Sarajevo. Osnovni cilj kompanije bio je realizovati projekt BBI Centra, sada ARIA mall, višenamjenski objekat sa maloprodajnim, gastronomskim, uredskim prostorima, te skladištima i podzemnim parkingom. Kasnije je kompanija realizovala i druge projekte nekretnina. Danas je "Central Park Real Estate" d.o.o. za nekretnine Sarajevo prvenstveno usmjeren na razvoj i realizaciju maloprodajnih, uredskih i stambenih projekata u Bosni i Hercegovini. "Central Park Real Estate " d.o.o. Sarajevo upošljava 22 stručne osobe, od kojih je nekoliko zaduženo za upravljanje ARIA mall-a, dok su ostali angažirani i na drugim projektima kompanije.

Our Projects

ARIA mall

ARIA mall is a modern multipurpose facility with retail, dining, and office spaces built to the highest standards, intended exclusively for lease, owned and managed by 'Central Park Real Estate' Ltd. Sarajevo.
It opened in April 2009 and is now considered one of the most comprehensive multipurpose facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Located in the heart of Sarajevo, ARIA mall is not just a shopping center but also a meeting place for all citizens and visitors who gather for entertainment, exhibitions, concerts, and other events.
The architecture of ARIA mall is inspired by the pulse of urban life. The open space visually connects the interior and exterior, much like the galleries of Paris and Berlin, allowing both shoppers and pedestrians to experience gallery design.


Sarajevo Panorama

Sarajevo panorama residence complex is an excellent choice for any family, the ideal compromise of a central location and peaceful environment with clean air and sunny living spaces during the day.
It is located in Alija Nametak street, Municipality Old Town Sarajevo, just a two minutes away by car and 10 minutes walking distance from Baščaršija (1 km), the old part of Sarajevo and the historical and cultural center of the city.
Sarajevo panorama is built with the highest standards of construction with maximum use of space, with plenty natural light and excellent thermal and sound isolation. Access to the buildings is controlled via a remote control ramp.
The apartments are equipped with all modern residential installations, and each apartment is registered in the land registry.


ARIA Business

The latest in a series of successful projects we have realized is the acquisition of the ARIA Business office building located at Maršala Tita Street 28, in close proximity to ARIA mall.
Our primary focus is on the development and implementation of retail, office, and residential projects, known for the quality of construction and high management standards. For this reason, the ARIA brand is exclusively associated with quality.
The ARIA Business building offers approximately 25 office spaces spread over four floors and two different entrances.

Other projects

Ispod Budakovića
Saraj Polje
Aleja Bosne Srebrene

The residential building in the street Ispod Budakovica is located in the Municipality Old Town Sarajevo.

The building contains two apartments that are south and north oriented. One of the apartments has a garden, and there are two garages. Apartments are registered in the land registry.

Location at Ramiz Salcin Street no. 114

This is a location of 826 sqm for which a building permit for the construction of a building with basement + ground floor + 3 floors is obtained. A detailed design is made for a building with 15 apartments and 13 garage places with a total net surface area of 1.462 sqm. 

Location Street Aleja Bosne Srebrene No. 61 – Nedžarići

Location area of 1.030 sqm2 which contains an old house, located next to a land of 726 sqm2, which is also available for purchase. The customer has the possibility of building a facility with basement + ground floor +  2 floors + loft. There is also a preliminary design with 20 apartments, 8 underground and 13 outside parking spaces and the total net area of 1.778 sqm2. 

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